Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gantter - Free Gantt Gantt Charting Tool

So I had to build a Gantt chart to plan the orchestration of a monthly data load. I scoured the web for tools and found a couple of options.

One you can use the "Gantt Chart Gadget" inside Google Spreadsheets (Google Docs). The other is to use a cloud based tool specifically for Gantt charts. There are several out there and I found Gantter was the best free tool that gets the job done.

The Google gadget option was too limiting. For example, you'd have to re-write all predecessors for your tasks when you insert a new task in the middle of the task list. Also, the updates to the Gantt chart aren't real-time. Overall not the best solution.

Gantter on the other hand worked real well and also provided me an option to export to pdf. I'm real happy with it. It also supports WBS (Work Breakdown Structure). Really liking this free tool.

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