Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Delete Jenkins Jobs using CURL

It is real easy to automate the deletion of multiple jobs in jenkins. In Google Chrome open Developer Tools > Network. Now click on the delete job link on one of the jenkins jobs you want to delete.

Now inside the developer tools > network section you will see a post request being made to the jenkins server. Right click on the post request and choose copy as curl.

Your string will look something like
curl "http://servername:port/job/job_name/doDelete" -X POST -H "Cookie: JSESSIONID...
..." -H "Referer: http://servername:port/job/job_name/" -H "Connection: keep-alive" -H "Content-Length: 0"

Replace the job_name with whatever job name you want and run the curls as part of script. Voila! Fast Delete in Jenkins!


  1. Thanks, This approach saved my 30 minutes.

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